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Facebook opens a new data center

A 290,000 square-foot center structure was erected by Facebook in Lulea, Sweden. The structure is reported to be Facebook’s new data center.

 On 14th June 2013, the data center came online and has being functioning well since then.
     The data center is said to be used as storage to handle traffic for Facebook members. Facebook has many data centers based in US alone. The temperature of Lulea is extremely cool due to the fact that it is at the edge of the Artic Sea.The social network company was responsible for the manufacturing and installing of the expensive hardware's in Lulea. Facebook manufactured the open-source hardware to be used for the data center by them and made it an open-source for any one to be able to use the design to develop their own data center.

Facebook is reported to have 1.1 billion active members which reveal that they are the biggest and most popular social network globally. In October 2011, facebook first announced plans for their new data center which will be based in Sweden; this is the first data center owned by Facebook which will be based outside the country.

The data center is reported to be 100% powered by renewable hydro-electric energy. The heat which will be produced by the servers and hardware will be passed to the employees to keep warm in the Nordic center.

Facebook says the new data center is the most efficient and sustainable server farm it has ever built. The data center will be used to store images, IP addresses and other data's which belongs to members of the social network. The expansion of the social network as more members join the site everyday led to the establishing of more data centers. The adding of more servers and data centers is in a bid to keep up with more members that join everyday.
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