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Friday, May 10, 2013

3D printers will soon print guns

Expected online charts and files for mass Wiki Weapon Personal weapons, mayflies will become widely available thanks to 3D printers.

3D gun

 The Internet will soon be available for printing a firearm 3D printer.

 Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, claims to be able to print a fully functional gun from plastic 3D printer and promises in the coming weeks to upload all the necessary files and schemes on the Internet.
 If Wilson kept his promise, then practically everyone will be able to make a gun that is not detectable by devices to detect metal, said
 The developer is working on the project Wiki Weapon by mid 2012 so his goal is to realize easy way right of Americans to own firearms.
 Originally Defense Distributed creates a 3D printer parts for AR-15 rifle. Later it received a federal license to manufacture and sell weapons. Now Cody Wilson is ready to begin production of a full-featured gun, but some legal restrictions prevent direct sales.
 Wiki Weapon consists of 12 parts made of ABS plastic - strong enough polymer used in 3D printers. Metal is only the firing pin of the gun, and all other components are made of plastic. The gun has a unique design that does not copy existing weapons.

 The device is not designed for continuous use - a few gun shots become unusable. Boasting a scheme, each person will be able to produce gun 3D printer by only acquire additional percussion shells. U.S. law, however, prohibits the sale of weapons that cannot be detected by metal detector devices. Therefore Defense Distributed will not sell the gun and on the Internet design of the weapon, without breaking the law.
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