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Twitter Tips for a better search results

Using columns in TweetDeck, track lists and hash-tags, and even cancellation of some profiles that only overflow your news feed ... all these methods can improve the Twitter experience and to discover the latest and most important-information you provide. But because there are too many twitter folks following over a hundred profiles that tweet constantly, it is often difficult to find what you're looking for.

 Twitter Search is a tool that perhaps twitters folks not use as often because I have seen Twitter as a place for the latest tweets, not a place for the most relevant tweets. And it may have been wrong because Twitter can be your second Google.

 We found several interesting functionality's Twitter Search that not only facilitate the search, but sorted and make it more efficient. Now instead of just enter a keyword, you will know how to use the menu on the left to search better.

 Remove retweet results

 Retweet’s can be annoying. Often the same theme follows many people, and certainly there will be many retweeted messages. To clean up the results simply add”-rt” after the term you've entered and thus will display only messages published by users.

 Search by location 

 Twitter offers a search by location or in a specific radius. So if you write near: Skopje within: 5km will display all the results posted in Skopje within a radius of 5km. This is an incredibly useful service not only for local monitoring tweets from local events, but also for every tourist who is in an unfamiliar environment, and which can be used for twitter folks to reach the best restaurant or the interesting monument.

 Tweets posted by a particular user 

 In case you want to see the tweets from a specific user on a topic that interests you, just need to type into the search box is “from: user” and search.

 Search tweets published during a specified period 

 Twitter enabled search and content "from - to" a specific date. If you want to see the tweets to 15 November 2012, in the search box write until: 2012-11-14, or since: 2012-10-01 if you want to see all the tweets published since then, until today.

 Save a search term 

 Twitter users have the opportunity to save up to 25 queries. Once you enter the word you are looking for the right side have the icon through which you can save this search. So, after you click the search box will display all saved searches, and with one click you can access it.
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